Turbo PMS is part of Redburn Innovations Ltd.  We are a dedicated team of 20 software engineers, product designers and testers, and support team based in Suffolk, UK.  We develop online solutions for the travel and hospitality markets. 


With everything we build, we are guided by our core principles of innovation, automation and continuous improvement. 

We focus on perfection and customer delight, and ensure all our clients are happy clients.  We believe that by building outstanding products, word of mouth will do our selling for us.  So we don't have a huge sales team and without that cost base, are able to charge less. 

By having our software online, by keeping up to date with robust modern techniques and architectures, and by making it simple and intuitive, we also don't need a huge support team.  Again saving costs and enabling us to charge less (but of course we are here to help if you do need help).



In 2017 a group of accommodation and event providers told us they weren’t happy with their Property Management System.  They asked us to build Turbo and said they would help us make it the perfect PMS.   After completing significant software development and fine-tuning, we launched our first module in 2019 and ever since we have kept up the pace of upgrades, new features, and new modules.



Word of mouth is spreading and we are adding clients: see why.  We are proud of what we have achieved but we aren’t stopping here: we are on a journey of continuous improvement, with many upgrades and new modules planned.  We are excited by what lies ahead.


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