Turbo is the Property Management System (PMS) to accelerate and simplify your university, college, hotel, B&B, holiday let, conference centre or events business.


Our existing Turbo clients told us about several problems they wanted us to address:

  1. Clunky outdated systems that are not intuitive, resulting in time and cost to train new staff and annoyance for existing staff.  Many instances of peripheral features not being understood or used.
  2. Lack of functionality to assist in managing and measuring team performance; too many occasions involving chasing team members to complete a task resulting in sub-standard client experience.
  3. Time consuming to copy customer and booking data into their PMS, resulting in costs to administer and (occasionally) typos.
  4. High cost of existing software, including licence, maintenance and training costs, as well as the direct costs of maintaining and powering onsite servers.



  1. Easy to use and free 7 day a week support. Having been shaped by our clients, Turbo is rich in functionality that meets their needs without over-complicating things.  It is so easy to use that we don’t charge training costs because we are confident you will rarely need our help.  But of course we are here for you if you do: we offer free 7 day a week support.
  2. In the cloud.  Being an online platform, all information is live and there’s no complex integration or hosting requirements. We can have you up and running in no time.
  3. No more copying of data. Turbo integrates online and offline bookings with bedroom and meeting room allocation, meaning no time consuming manual copying of customer or booking data, and no mistakes.
  4. Low cost.  Turbo will save you money versus other solutions, and enable you to get more from your team.  See the About us section for how we achieve this, and please contact us for our Pricing (and a demo).


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